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About Cuisine of Nepal

Nepalese cuisine reflects the unique geographical position of Nepal, which is wedged between India to the south and Tibet to the north. These contrasting influences create a complex cultural synthesis, which manifests in the lively interaction of the remarkably diverse Nepali ethnic groups and religious traditions. Similarly, the dishes from the Indian planes and the exotic specialties of the high Himalayas influence Nepali cuisine; the food reflects the diversity and the spirit of Nepal in the variety and the balance of its gastronomical offerings — fiery at times, but with various milder components. Please enjoy!

Our restaurant reflects the aspiration of Owner & Executive Chef Prem Tamang to share the sumptuous flavors of his homeland with both residents and visitors of his adopted home here in the United States.

One of seven siblings, Chef Prem hails from a population (Tamang) whose tradition is directly connected with Tibet & the Himalayas. Beginning his career in Kathmandu as a fourteen-year-old porter for trekking & climbing expeditions, Chef Prem worked his way towards coveted lead guide jobs he knew would be necessary to support his family. Along the way his passion for food inspired him to hone his culinary skills while he developed his unique epicurean vision. At the same time Chef Prem’s desire to share his culture encouraged him to build myriad friendships from around the world and to cultivate an understanding of the western palate. Eventually the generous and adventurous spirit of his American clients in particular compelled
him to seek a better life in the United States.

Over the last three decades Chef Prem has built his business through hard work and a love of people. He is proud to share his passion and his heritage with you through his deliciously original menu. As you dine, you may see him chatting good-naturedly with his beloved customers while he manages the preparation of our various delicacies. If you see him, say hello, swap a story or two over a glass
of wine – you won’t be disappointed. Most importantly of all, please enjoy your meal and come see us again soon!